Property Lawyers in Dubai

WE, a team of exceptionally resolved and expert property lawyers in dubai are more deeply focussed at providing property legal services to all over UAE. Besides the legal advisors, our firm includes highly qualified lawyers, advocates and consultants who, with their deep insights in the profession and top level knowledge, know how an issue is to be dealt with and has been successfully doing so. Ours is a line where our own individual success depends upon leading others, whom we are helping through the phases of success and satisfaction.

Who we are and How do we actually work?

Our firm is a bunch of well-trained experts having years of experience in legal services (lawyers and advocates) who aim towards bringing in creative legal strategies and ideas to tackle with the drowning chances of their success.

No matter if it’s a documentation issue, problems relating to loan and home agreements, or anything similar, we know how to implement years of practice and knowledge to double the winning streak for the person whom we are assisting. We not only execute everything ourselves but also lends advice to our customers to adopt and implement our practical strategies and expertise into their own issues to reach their goals. Our main goal, however, is to inculcate positivity in individual self by engaging effective ideas and techniques that are mostly influential in dealing with such issues in real life.

Making money was never our mission and it would never be, as we totally rely upon making relations with people and carrying them forward. Not just we advice and assist individuals, but also help several private and government agencies in Dubai. Our arbitration, regulatory and litigation body (a panel of experts) through advanced practical approach let us define problems of various agencies and individuals and gradually provide solutions for the same. This is the reason for why we are one of the most reliable property lawyers in Dubai.

Services Offered:

  • Lease agreements and Home loan Agreements
  • Draft, review and negotiate sale and purchase agreements.
  • Management and Maintenance agreements
  • Property Financing and restructuring Developer’s agreements.
  • Due Diligence
  • Direct and Indirect investments
  • Real estate Arbitration and Litigation
  • Conveyancing real estate acquisitions
  • Freehold agreements
  • Musataha/usufruct arrangements


Our experts are really good at merging their institutional level logics, projects and practice with the corporate to supply legal advice and services related to the property issues/ disputes to solve them. Our ability to handle, review, tailor and implement what we have gained and got through years of experience, distinguishes from other similar firms in the locality.

It not been much of a time since we evolved but we are already intended and have been working towards assisting people and firms from all over the world. With our team of legal lawyers and our exceptionally well-bounded relationships, we would soon be able to earn the title of being one of the leading firms in this profession.

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